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Total Transform: Weight Gain and Muscle Building Program

Total Transform: Weight Gain and Muscle Building Program

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Begin a comprehensive 12-week weight gain journey with a focus on improving physical wellbeing and strength. You will increase lean muscle mass, while also improving health conditions like diabetes, lung health, and heart health. The program starts with an in-depth 1.5-hour consultation with a wellness pharmacist who will assess your health history, current condition, and personal goals.

You'll receive a diet plan targeting balanced and effective weight gain while also minimizing fat gain. Alongside, a fitness plan is developed to suit your current fitness level and changes over time to continuously challenge your body for  sustainable muscle growth and improved mobility.

Regular body scans throughout the program will provide insights into your progress and areas needing improvement, aiding in the fine-tuning of your diet and fitness strategies. Additionally, you'll get expert supplement recommendations to boost nutrient intake, support muscle growth, and increase energy levels. Weekly 5-30 minute follow-up visits, either virtual or in-person, will help track your progress and adjust your plans as needed, ensuring a holistic approach to achieve and sustain your health and fitness goals.

  • Enhancing physical wellbeing and strength with increased muscle mass
  • 1.5-hour consultation with a specialized wellness pharmacist
  • Assessment of health history, current condition, and personal goals
  • Diet plan for balanced and effective weight gain
  • Fitness plan focused on muscle building and overall fitness improvement
  • Regular body scans for insights into progress and areas for improvement
  • Expert supplement recommendations to enhance nutrient intake, muscle growth, and energy
  • Weekly follow-up visits (virtual or in-person) to track progress and adjust plans as necessary
  • Education to  ensure long-term health maintenance 


  • 18 years or older
  • Purchase of at-home exercise equipment


  • Gym membership
  • MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter
  • Pedometer: Physical or Smartphone 

Additional pricing based on individual needs. 

Please call us at (704)537-0909 Ext. 137* or email for questions. 


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  • "I’d like to elaborate on the fact that I am no amateur in the fitness world. I have had prior experience training individuals in regards to achieving their body weight and physique goals. As we all know overall health, body weight and composition refining is far deeper than only setting foot in the gym. I love Dr. Jack's program because he breaks down every necessity required too to make an impactful change on one’s body composition in whatever way desired."

  • "From portion control, programming the mind to utilizing macros more efficiently (intermittent fasting), too actual micro managing macros on a more detailed level. His training process is very methodical in nature because he starts at a foundational level then builds up too more advanced concepts. This alone spoke volumes too me and was the key I was always missing in my own programs. Aside from the dietary program/psychology aspect, his workout regimens are well rounded and balanced across the board, no matter the fitness level of the individual he trains. I am no amateur in the gym, but everyday I follow a workout from Dr. Novansy regimen, it always feels like day 1 all over again. An outstanding program and I have seen incredible results already"

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