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Total Transform Program: Bronze Tier

Total Transform Program: Bronze Tier

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The Bronze Tier program begins with a comprehensive 1.5-hour consultation with a wellness pharmacist to discuss your medical history, current health conditions, and specific weight-loss objectives. You'll receive a diet plan emphasizing calorie control and balanced nutrition, designed to aid weight loss and support specific health conditions by managing blood sugar levels and promoting heart health. Alongside, a fitness plan is developed to suit your current fitness level and changes over time to continuously challenge your body for sustainable muscle growth and improved mobility. The program includes regular body scans to track body composition changes, muscle mass, and fat percentage. Expert supplement recommendations will be provided to complement the diet and support fat-burn, energy, muscle growth. Consistent support is ensured through weekly follow-up visits, which are crucial for tracking progress and making necessary adjustments.

  • Improve overall health, including managing diabetes, lung, and heart health
  • Discussion of medical history, health conditions, and specific weight-loss goals
  • Diet plan focusing on calorie control and balanced nutrition
  • Help manage blood sugar levels, improve heart health, and promote fat burn and muscle building
  • Fitness plan developed to suit all levels with progressive challenges
  • Regular body scans to monitor changes in body composition, muscle mass, and fat percentage
  • Expert supplement recommendations to complement the diet and support fat burn and muscle growth
  • Weekly follow-up visits (virtual or in-person) to track progress and adjust plans as necessary
  • Education to ensure long-term health maintenance.

Requirements: 18 years or older and at-home exercise equipment

Recommended: Gym membership and smartphone.

Please call us at (704) 537-0909 Ext. 137* or email for questions.

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