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Home Collection Kit (Stress, Anxiety & Energy Test)

Home Collection Kit (Stress, Anxiety & Energy Test)

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Stress, Anxiety Kit Includes the following lab results: 

Insulin, Glucose, HgA1c, Cortisol, TSH. VitB12, Folate, Vitamin D, & Ferritin

Each purchase includes lab kit, shipping to your home or location, and a FREE 15 minute consultation (optional), with a pharmacist, to review lab work results. 

Each kit brings health and wellness right to your doorstep. Our at-home collection testing kits make it easy for you to collect your sample and conveniently send it to the lab. It's a simple process that is designed to fit your needs. Results are available within a few days, and you'll have the opportunity to discuss them in detail with a caring Clinical Pharmacist. During a 15-minute consultation, the pharmacist will take the time to go through your results carefully, explaining them clearly and answering any questions you may have.

Recommended to redo labs every 4 months to follow health progress. Subscribe to save on each individual test, and track your health over a full 1 year period.

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