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Home Collection Kit (Energy Test)

Home Collection Kit (Energy Test)

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Energy Kit Includes the following lab results: 

Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D, & Ferritin

Each purchase includes lab kit, shipping to your home or location, and a FREE 15 minute consultation (optional), with a pharmacist, to review lab work results. 

Each kit brings health and wellness right to your doorstep. Our at-home collection testing kits make it easy for you to collect your sample and conveniently send it to the lab. It's a simple process that is designed to fit your needs. Results are available within a few days, and you'll have the opportunity to discuss them in detail with a caring Clinical Pharmacist. During a 15-minute consultation, the pharmacist will take the time to go through your results carefully, explaining them clearly and answering any questions you may have.

Recommended to redo labs every 4 months to follow health progress. Subscribe to save on each individual test, and track your health over a full 1 year period. 

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  • "I’d like to elaborate on the fact that I am no amateur in the fitness world. I have had prior experience training individuals in regards to achieving their body weight and physique goals. As we all know overall health, body weight and composition refining is far deeper than only setting foot in the gym. I love Dr. Jack's program because he breaks down every necessity required too to make an impactful change on one’s body composition in whatever way desired."

  • "From portion control, programming the mind to utilizing macros more efficiently (intermittent fasting), too actual micro managing macros on a more detailed level. His training process is very methodical in nature because he starts at a foundational level then builds up too more advanced concepts. This alone spoke volumes too me and was the key I was always missing in my own programs. Aside from the dietary program/psychology aspect, his workout regimens are well rounded and balanced across the board, no matter the fitness level of the individual he trains. I am no amateur in the gym, but everyday I follow a workout from Dr. Novansy regimen, it always feels like day 1 all over again. An outstanding program and I have seen incredible results already"

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