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Gas Relief™ (60ct)

Gas Relief™ (60ct)

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If you suffer from iksome flatulence‚ you should give the Gas Relief™ Vegetable Capsules from Advanced Naturals™ a try. Flatulence is mostly caused by foods like beans‚ potatoes‚ and pasta. Indigestion could also cause flatulence‚ so this superior enzyme blend might be able to help.

The powerful blend from Advanced Naturals™ could help break down gas-forming foods and relieve occasional gas and bloating. Some foods that are difficult to digest contain starch and sugar‚ which ferment to produce gas. When taken with a meal‚ these fast-acting capsules offer SmartZYME™ that might quicken the digestion of such foods to provide quick relief.

The capsules contain fennel seeds that are known to relieve flatulence. Fennel seeds could also relax the digestive tract and reduce any discomfort caused by indigestion. The supplement contains amylase for digesting starch‚ cellulase for cellulose‚ lipase for fats‚ and protease for proteins.

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